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Boerne - Samuel V Champion High School8

Boerne, TX | Kendall County


April 13, 2015

Very disappointed !!!! Everything mentioned I would agree with. Teachers don't really care, moral is bad, MAJOR bullies and the staff turns a blind eye. We are upper class but ARE RESPECTFUL! It is sad to say but tons of snotty kids who seem to think they are entitled. Don't even get me started on the drugs. We moved to Boerne 2 years ago and are glad to be leaving...The community is not open to new comers. Close knit cliquey community.

Submitted by a parent

March 23, 2015

My son has spent four years at this school. He has never studied or cracked a book but has excellent grades. I feel he will be at a true disadvantage when it comes to college. The administration is more worried about micro managing all the ridiculous things like short skirts, facial hair and piercings instead of trying to take care of the big things like drug use and actually teaching. There are kids at the school that come high every day but they are more worried about attendance, and have you shaved? I find great irony in the have you shaved..when many of the teachers, male and female, could do with a little shave themselves. Who cares if you have a little stubble? The only reason they have academic ratings as high as they do is because all these kids come from intelligent, driven families so they are testing kids from the best families in Texas. Do yourself a favor and send your kids elsewhere.

Submitted by a parent

April 23, 2014

This school is awesome if you are a wealthy white person who loves sports. If you do not fit this category, you will probably hate this school. If you don't fit in with everyone else, expect a great deal of bullying. The years I spent here were the worst four years of my life, and i am still trying to undo the psychological trauma it caused. If this doesn't sound like fun to you, go to Boerne High School where people suck less.

January 27, 2014

I feel the poor ratings of the school are misguided. I have three children in BISD. Two of them are at Champion High School. I have taught at two top rated high schools in San Antonio and been involved with The Woodlands schools north of Houston which are top rated. I feel that that Champion High School is an excellent atmosphere for children and is right up there with both the quality of Education and pleasant student body. The kids are polite, accepting, happy, goal oriented kids. Drugs are not prevalent nor accepted by the majority of the kids. Sure they may be some around but compared to other high schools, it is pristine and quite sheltered. If you want good education, students that excel and flourish, good student to teacher ratio with a small town atmosphere, Champion is the High School for you. PS as far as the parent who commented about the funds only going to football, we are trying to change that. Texas has this Robin Hood Rule that the "rich" schools take a portion of collected tax dollars collected and give to the "poor" schools. Boerne is tapped as a "rich" school and gives millions of dollars back to the state so that "poor" schools can have nice things.

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November 18, 2013

We did our homework as to academics but made a big mistake. Should have sent our kids to the other high school in town. Many of the kids here are rude and privileged kids who are not open to new students. The social atmosphere at this school is terrible very mean spirited and downright ruthless. I have watched my kids who were social, happy, and popular become depressed and withdrawn. They tell me kids here are mean spirited and do really bad things. The drugs at this school are out of control as well as the bullying. The parents and counselors that I talk to just act like all is well! Beware....look at more than just academics...the other high school in town is supposedly much more friendly and accepting of new students. Do your homework...This school has been a huge disappointment and I have very unhappy kids.

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November 9, 2013

I don't know how this school can get such high ratings. The teachers are bullies and yell at the children. The extra curricular programs are drastically underfunded, except football, which has all the money it needs. Drug use is rampant and always covered up somehow. Any student who needs extra help understanding a concept is left out in the cold except by a few thoughtful and caring teachers who go above and beyond.

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December 11, 2011

Champion High School is an amazing school, allowing great sports programs and wonderful academics for the students. It is a place that parents would move so that their children can have a great high school career.

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July 30, 2010

Both high schools in the Boerne School District are the kind of learning institutions that parents move their kids to in their 8th grade year so that they can guarantee a fantastic education, rigorous sport program, and overabundance of extra-curricular clubs and organizations. Students at Champion can choose from many classes to create a graduation plan with higher standards than the state itself. They offer us Dual credit courses through a local college, AP classes, Pre-AP classes, and regular classes. For electives we have an extraordinary art program that ranges from painting and sculpting to photography and jewelry-making classes, as well as a fine arts program that includes orchestra, and state recognized band and choir. Our athletic department is decorated with District, Regional, State, and even National titles. The classes aren t overcrowded, and the administration? Well, our principal was recognized as the best principal in our region in 2008 so .

Submitted by a student

October 1, 2009

Champion should be much more! However, it has been micromanaged by the administration. This year, 2009, the classes are chaotic and over flowing. Even the best students are frustrated by the lack of planning and logistics. Teachers are very upset and at their wits' end as a result of the chaos and lack of planning. Successes of kids will be in large measure because most come from two parent stable families with an excellent economic base. Glad my daughter will be out this year! It's only going to go downhill further. Board failed to plan financially and don't have resources to secure enough teachers. Doubtful voters will support another tax increase.

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